Early Spot the Frog, and Karl's Furry Inclination

This was a page of sample strips, either for Universal or United Media. I used the first joke in syndication, not sure about the second, and the third was discarded, along with the mascot suit. I liked the idea of Karl needing a disguise to be his real self (it's initially justified by Karl's part-time job as a professional mascot. When we see him wearing the suit around the house, we suspect it's more than a job.) As the frogs grew more peculiar, I didn't want Karl's attire to distract the reader. 

 Karl isn't the first character I've drawn who only comes out when hiding. I'm not a furry myself, but I appreciate the idea of finding myself -- being myself -- by playing other characters.  We all wear costumes, with or without zippers in the back. 

missing tie400.gif

Karl the Carrot

I wrote a lot of strips before Spot the Frog. This was my second or third submission. I called it Moveable Feast, though I think of it as Karl the Carrot; a title format I would borrow later. Not to mention the tie and suspenders and mustache.


I'm not sure why I drew this. It's not a Sunday, it's not a daily. Worse, the joke has nothing to do with the characters. It's not about Karl, it's not about the other guy. It's barely about the joke. 


The one teaser never used.


Prone to cracking

I think this was my last cartoon sale before starting Spot the Frog. And by starting, I don't mean syndicating. I mean working in earnest to create the strip for submission. I was starting to crack from the insecurity of freelancing. I had this fantasy that syndication would instill calm, forgetting that I'm prone to cracking, like any egg, no matter my situation. 

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