Early Spot the Frog, and Karl's Furry Inclination

This was a page of sample strips, either for Universal or United Media. I used the first joke in syndication, not sure about the second, and the third was discarded, along with the mascot suit. I liked the idea of Karl needing a disguise to be his real self (it's initially justified by Karl's part-time job as a professional mascot. When we see him wearing the suit around the house, we suspect it's more than a job.) As the frogs grew more peculiar, I didn't want Karl's attire to distract the reader. 

 Karl isn't the first character I've drawn who only comes out when hiding. I'm not a furry myself, but I appreciate the idea of finding myself -- being myself -- by playing other characters.  We all wear costumes, with or without zippers in the back. 

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